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About DAC Construction

The right company for your construction project.

Since it founding in 1973, DAC Construction has provided innovative, high quality and cost effective design and construction throughout north Texas. Based in Ft. Worth, DAC Construction has designed and constructed a wide variety of projects, including new homes; new and rehabilitated commercial properties; remodeled and rehabilitated homes; pool, spa, and fish pond construction; landscaping; and steel buildings.

Founded by Don Coulson in 1973, DAC is known for its special craftsmanship and artisan design. Careful planning and a meticulous eye for detail are hallmarks of Mr. Coulson. Mr. Coulson personally consults and supervises all aspects of every project – no matter how big or small. His reputation for unique, innovative design and construction has earned him a reputation unequaled in the north Texas construction community.

DAC is known for undertaking the most difficult and challenging jobs, often finding design and construction solutions that have eluded others. Nearly four decades of designing and construction in north Texas have provided DAC with the ability to tackle nearly any residential or commercial project. With over 500 completed projects, DAC is unequaled in experience and scope of work.

If your have a project and would like to speak with Don Coulson at DAC Construction about a residential or commercial project. Don still answers every phone call himself, so do not hesitate to call for a no-cost consultation on your project.