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Multi-Family Building Construction

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Multi-family residential buildings offer challenges unlike other construction projects. The architectural design process is detailed and complex. Construction demands careful planning and continuous oversight. HVAC and electrical wiring needs are unique. So is providing for basic needs such as water, garbage, and waste disposal. The permit process can be equally challenging, as municipalities vary in their requirements.

Such projects demand a construction partner with the right experience and insights to foresee problems and plan properly. Don Coulson, owner of DAC Construction and lifelong a native of Ft. Worth, has been building multi-family dwellings for nearly four decades. Whether the project is a 4 unit building or a 50+ unit complex, Don and DAC Construction are prepared to help you with the design and construction of your multi-family building project.

Careful Planning and Oversight

2008 and 2009 were challenging years in the housing industry across the U.S., including Texas. However, the long terms looks very bright for the north Texas housing industry and multi-unit building in particular. Due to a unique combination of low taxes, good business and economic climate, moderate weather, strong infrastructure, world class education, and population growth, north Texas is projected to enjoy strong growth for many years. Unlike many of its fellow Sunbelt states which are projected to lose population, Texas is projected to grow. North Texas in particular is expected to see its population rise in 2010 to 6.197 million – up from 5.161 million in 2000. Future growth in the DFW metroplex is expected to be 6.753 million in 2015; 7.340 million in 2020; and 7.973 million in 2025 (source: Texas A&M).

DAC Construction has been designing and constructing multi-family buildings for nearly 4 decades. Owner Don Coulson, a native Texan and lifelong resident of Ft. Worth, thoroughly understands the challenging nature of these projects – whether a 4 unit dwelling or projects of 50 units complex or even larger. He understands the unique architectural design process as well as the complexities of planning and construction such projects.

He understands the most cost effective designs and how to best utilize space. Don utilizes his experience and knowledge to provide designs that meet the needs of the project within the budget you giver him. Efficiency and cost effective designs are hallmarks of a DAC multi-residential project.

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